Welcome to Sprout.

We sell beautiful 100% plant-derived yarns for knitting and crotchet.

Suitable for everyone from beginners who have never picked up needles or a hook before right through to the expert crafters who love to explore new yarns.

Whether you want to go green with eco-reusable dishcloths, feel good by doing charity projects like the big knit, or just create a cute little gift (even if the gift is for yourself), we have something for everyone.

With a little nurture; good intentions can sprout into something beautiful.

Now offering free UK shipping on all orders over £25.

About Sprout

Another yarn shop - with a difference.

Two years ago I discovered knitting. I fell in love. The calm of focusing on a project and the joy of watching your creation take shape had me hooked.

However, I soon discovered that yarns are not born equal. Many common yarns were full of plastic. The others? All animal based. All I could find was cotton, which whilst beautiful to work with, gave little variety and choice.

I started to research other options and found it challenging to find transparent websites selling 100% plant-derived products, and so Sprout was born.

Every product on the site is 100% plant-based, 100% plastic-free and all packaging comes in recyclable cardboard and paper. Even the tape is plastic-free.

Shop in confidence, knowing that you don't need to compromise your values to enjoy a moment of peace from knitting & crotchet.

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